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Unseen In Taipei


In 2012, visual artist Alecia Neo was commissioned by Singapore International Foundation (SIF) to participate in an art residency at Bamboo Curtain Studio (Taipei). During this residency, she collaborated with members of the Visually-Impaired Service and Development Division of the Eden Social Welfare Foundation, to create photography workshops for their members.

This project was jointly organized by Bamboo Curtain Studio, Eden Social Welfare Foundation – Ai Ming Centre.

The work created in Unseen Taipei, has since been exhibited in prominent exhibitions in Taipei, Tai Chung, and Singapore, during theM1 Fringe Festival 2014: Art & The People, and most recently commissioned to be part of Sensorium 360, a large-scale group exhibition curated by the Singapore Art Museum.

Alecia has since been continuing her on-going artistic research on sight and sightlessness in society, through art projects developed with visually-impaired communities.

Image by participant, Lim Yu Xiang

Image by participant, Lim Yu Xiang