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SCOUT at Singapore Art Week (Gillman Barracks)


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SCOUT at Singapore Art Week (Gillman Barracks)

Dig into visual commentaries and reflections of 25 promising artists whose practices reveal emergent streams of art-making in Singapore’s art scene. The first of its kind, SCOUT is a seven-day pop up exhibition housed in 15 converted shipping containers occupying 2000 square metres of car park space at Gillman Barracks. The exhibition invites visitors to have conversations with artists, to gather the pulse and impulse of their practices.

The seven-day exhibition includes artist talks and guided tours. A special component of the exhibition, SCOUT’s Industry Meet programme, also invites leading local and international art professionals and connoisseurs to award artists of their choice.

jan 18-24,2016
car park b
gillman barracks

Berlin-based artist Jennis Li's artwork, Emanare’s spiral design presents you with TWO walking experience.

Route A : Looking Out
Follow the periphery of the spiral for artists dealing with social concerns.

Route B : Looking In
Follow the spiral’s core for artists rooted in visceral and intimate reflections.

Read more: http://www.scoutsgp.org