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NIE CARE Forum: Redirecting Personal Narratives through Art making (Unseen: Constellations)

Redirecting Personal Narratives through Art making (Unseen: Constellations)

Unseen: Constellations is a  on-going long-term art project by artist Alecia Neo, that provides a platform for seven youths living with visual-impairment (VI) to explore self-identity and their future selves through a creative process led by the artist and her collaborators. The artist will share the process of developing the project and the challenges in reshaping internal narratives and creating collaborative projects.



Speaker's Bio:

Alecia has been developing projects centering on sight-impaired communities since 2013. Working together with project participants and collaborators, they explore how meaning and narratives are translated in the absence of sight. She is also an Artist Lead with Brack, a trans-border arts platform for socially engaged artists.  

Alecia’s debuted in 2011 with a site-specific project at the residence of the late Dr Nalla Tan. She has since been active in group exhibitions including Sensorium 360 (2014, Singapore Art Museum) and Art & Faith (2012, M1 Fringe Festival, Singapore). In 2012, she spent four months in artist residency with Cittadelarte-Fondazione Pistoletto’s UNIDEE programme (Biella, Italy)