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Unseen: Conversations Across The Constellation (Open to Public)


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Unseen: Conversations Across The Constellation (Open to Public)

2nd April 2016, Saturday

Closed-Door Artist Workshop (By invite only)

10am – 12.30pm

Venue: Objectifs (Workshop Lab)


Artist collaborators of Unseen: Shift Lab discusses issues and reflections from the workshop with Dialogue in the Dark, Malaysia.


Unseen: Conversations Across The Constellation

2pm – 4.30pm

Venue: Objectifs (Lower Gallery)

Moderated by socially-engaged art platform Brack, this panel discussion coalesces themes explored in the publication including:

-        how persons with disability experience their public and private spaces and selves

-        the social engagement of art projects such as Unseen: Constellations and Unseen: Shift Lab

-        Alternative education systems that inspire learning and reflexivity



Ms Penny Chong: Teacher at Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School (Singapore)

Mr Allen Lim: Founder of ConversationCircles (Singapore)

Mr Christopher Ling: Founder of theatrethreesixty (Kuala Lumpur)

Ms Alecia Neo: Founder of Unseen Art Ltd. (Singapore)

Mr Ng Chor Guan: Founder of Toccata Studio (Kuala Lumpur)

Mr Tay Lai Hock: Founder of Ground-Up Initiative (GUI) Kampung Kampus (Singapore)


Brack is a platform for socially-engaged art. We believe an audience member’s pleasure is deeply tied to the opportunity to interpret the meaning and value of an arts event or arts object. 21st century audiences and its technologies engender a sense of ownership in cultural practices, whether science, politics, journalism, or the arts and creative expression. This post-analogue ethos is challenging twentieth-century notions of hierarchical mediation, in which experts interpret the art work and offer its meaning to a largely passive public.


This is exactly why Brack is interested in how socially engaged art engages with a community or society, and seeks to experiment in those very engagements—through the way we write, the way we work with artists, and the way we engage with audiences.


BrackMag is a compact publication that aims to bridge art, audience, and context, becoming a great resource and engagement for anyone – artists, researchers, community workers – interested in art and its social interrelationships.