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Artist Talk @ SOTA -  Artist and Community


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Artist Talk @ SOTA - Artist and Community

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Unseen : Constellations provides a platform for youths living with visual-impairment to explore their future selves through creative processes led by the artist Alecia Neo and a team of dedicated mentors. Through the diverse worlds of these youth and collaborators, the project engages and documents the intimate relationships between art and experience. It stages, the complex axes of engagement that can be reimagined between artist and community, medium and interaction, between art and audience. The ultimate revelation is symbology– a constellation — of the ties that bind public and private agents in the living of lives, and of dreams.

The talk coalesces themes and questions explored in the project including:

–       What kinds of individuals are valued by contemporary society ?

–       Potentiality of socially engaged art projects and the role of the artist

–       Alternative approaches that inspire learning and reflexivity