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Student Participants


Unseen: Constellations (2014 - 2016)


“Life is Beautiful.”

Adelyn dreams of being a professional singer-songwriter. The theme of friendship is ever important to Adelyn. Under the guidance of her mentor, Sarah Ismile, singer-songwriter from indie band Seyra, Adelyn has written three original songs focusing on the challenges of integration she faces in school, and how she turns to her close friends and family for support. After composing the songs, she developed story for her accompanying music videos that will be featured in her tent installation. Adelyn’s positive and child-like lyrics and stories reveal a yearning to connect and how she seeks to focus on the beauty of the world.

Songlist: Friendship, Believe in MyselfLife is Beautiful



“Love is revealing you heart completely. Giving him the chance to destroy you, but trusting he would never.”

Claire dreams of being a professional musical theatre performer. For her project, she has been acting, directing and creating music to be used in three experimental films about Love, Danger and Freedom, created in collaboration with Sharda and Sean Harrison of Pink Gajah Theatre Collective. The three films reflect an aspect of Claire’s occasional lapses of triple vision and night blindness. This fierce sense of independence and seeking of her place in the world is reflected in the film when Claire says “We all started off as social outcasts, always being picked last and being victims of bully. Now however, it’s us against the world. It doesn’t matter anymore how others may treat us.” 



“I want to create a happy and safe place for children.”

Wei Bin dreams of having his very own alternative orphanage where animal and martial arts therapy form the core of its programmes. My Special Corner founder and special needs educator, Frederick Chu has taken Weibin on as a teacher assistant, guiding him through various experiences allows Wei Bin to uncover what “helping” really means. Over the past two years, Wei Bin has baked cakes and made craft with My Special Corner students, observed an orphanage in Batam, participated in flag day with Jamiyah Children’s Home, as well as assisted in Aikido and cat assisted therapy programmes for young children. His project is an open proposal for the future, and hopes that the public can join him in this journey of discovery.  



“The harvest of crime is not happiness.”

John aspires to be a criminal psychologist. An avid reader of criminal novels, John is in the midst of crafting his very own story for a murder mystery where he stars as the central protagonist, a detective who relies in senses other than sight to crack the case! He has been working with After-Care Ministry staff for the Prison Fellowship Singapore, Peter Lim, and Chief Psychologist of the Singapore Police Force, Dr. Majeed Khader. John has observed court hearings, visited the police headquarters and held public auditions to receive feedback on his script. John hopes to bring the audience into the mind of an elusive detective in his upcoming tent installation.



“I want to show the different types of people through my film.”

Kah Wee feels strongly for protecting others and building a community of support. His dream is to be in the army. However, due to his visual-impairment, he may not be able to serve national service. In his project, he has roped in his schoolmates to work on a film about a blind recruit in the army, lacing them with adventure, humour and of course, the army spirit. Kah Wee shares his journey with Amal Alderoos, a former sportswoman and Project Executive, Singapore Disability Sports Council and Loo Bin Hui, an Officer in Training in OCS.



“Music is my life.”

Nurul has a passion for music and wants to be a professional band musician in the future. An avid symphonic band member, she is working hard to compose her very own pieces. Her mentor Zaidi Sabtu-ramli, a professional musician and composer, has recently helped to transcribe her piece, “A Happy and Relaxing Day” for a symphonic band to play! The piece was recently performed by the Singapore Polytechnic Symphonic Band and Nurul, during their annual concert. Nurul’s journey with music continues, and she has continued writing her own songs and music, in preparation for her upcoming tent installation.



“Life is your creation. Stand up and try.”

Dallon's biggest inspiration is Nick Vujicic. Like him, he aspires to be an inspirational speaker to encourage people to overcome the obstacles in their life. Drawing on his personal stories, Dallon has been tirelessly rehearsing his final speech, ready to wow the crowd with his story. Dallon has been working with professional trainer Allen Lim of Conversation Circles, who has introduced Dallon to the art of facilitating conversations. Dallon is currently working towards his first public speaking event, and his tent installation will be an archive of his journey thus far.