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The Best of You Movement was launched in 2014 in Malaysia and Singapore by Julie's Biscuits, the renowned biscuit manufacturer. The movement aims to inspire a supportive community that acknowledges and celebrates everyday accomplishments and milestones no matter how big or small they are.

The many seemingly small actions and achievements in our lives that are often neglected and forgotten are actually monumental. They represent our best efforts and stem from the love we have.
— Mr Sai Tzy Horng, Consultant, The Best of You


The Best of You Movement would like to encourage personal affirmation and appreciation, inviting individuals to slow down, and take time to acknowledge, celebrate and share the little actions and achievements that have punctuated their lives.

“Ultimately, we hope to cultivate the willingness in people to find opportunities where they too can bring out the best in others,” said Tzy Horng. “The Best of You is a demonstration of Julie’s belief in doing good to do well in our business. It also offers Julie’s internal team a space to share their stories and to build camaraderie. It’s a simple gesture from our part to stay connected to the community.” 

In 2014, close to 1,000 entries were submitted by participants from Malaysia and Singapore. Selected entries were displayed in The Best of You Life Exhibition at The Curve in October.  The Best of You movement is currently active. Throughout 2015, the movement has reached out to the community through public mini-exhibitions.  For activities on and more information about The Best of You movement, please visit the movement's website atwww.the-best-of-you.com and our Facebook page www.facebook.com/JuliesTheBestOfYou