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Unseen: Constellations (SG)


Our two-year long collaborative art project, Unseen: Constellations, provides a platform for seven students from Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School who live with visual-impairment and blindness to explore their dreams through a creative process led by artist, Alecia Neo and a team of dedicated mentors. 

The project seeks to act as a bridge between sighted people and people living with visual impairment, a merging of both worlds.

8 day creative Workshop

Our students participated in an eight day creative workshop, role-playing their future selves and aspirations. They were then paired with professionals from a diverse range of expertise, based on the students' dream vocations.

2 year Mentorship Programme

In many ways, our students, artist and collaborators were collectively dreaming our world into being.  In a youth-led and highly collaborative process, our students created their very own stories and embarked on a myriad of projects over time. 

Each group meets regularly about two to three times a month to learn, exchange and develop their projects.

The Art Exhibition

In March 2017, we held a one month long art exhibition of the students' work at the Objectifs Gallery, where our students performed their original music on our opening night! 

Through the diverse worlds of these teenagers and our collaborators, the exhibition presents and documents the intimate relationships between art and experience. It stages, the complex axes of engagement that can be reimagined between artist and subject, medium and interaction, between art and community/audience. The ultimate revelation is symbology– a constellation — of the ties that bind public and private agents in the living of lives, and of dreams. 

Over two years, the myriad projects sprouted have led to: a symphonic band composition, music videos about friendship and discrimination, a short film about a visually-impaired recruit's journey in the army, coming-of-age experimental shorts about love, danger and freedom, an audio story book featuring a blind criminal investigator, a stage for motivation, and a proposal for an alternative orphanage.

 The exhibition also features an ongoing documentation, which offers glimpses into the makings of the project via multiple lens. Seemingly divergent communities are formed, both concretely and temporarily.


Produced by socially-engaged arts platform Brack, this special issue coalesces relationships, conversations, debates, and experiences around our two-year long project, through personal accounts, including: Justin Lee’s post-conversation circle commentary on sustainability, Qian Wenyi and Megan Miao’s allude to image-making, Jay Koh points out the axes of power in its “participation”, while Seet Yun Teng and Mok Cui Yin offer different ways of imaging the production of socially-engaged art.


We're working hard on a documentary film about the project! We believe this will be an insightful resource for people interested in socially-engaged art and we can't wait to share this labour of love with you.

Curious to support our film or to find out how we can develop a project for you and your organisation?

Write us at unseensg@gmail.com




Our mighty heartfelt thanks to the following organisations, companies and individuals who have helped make this journey happen!

Unseen Constellations sponsors

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Volunteers and Contributors

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