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Unseen Art Ltd. is thankful to be acknowledged at the following platforms:

 ·       50th Achievement Day Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School - AI Partners Award

“Awarded to Ms Alecia Neo in recognition of her dedicated and steadfast partnership in supporting student aspirations through the Unseen: Constellations project with the Visually-impaired students from 2014 -2016.”

·       SIF Citizen Ambassador

View promotional video of Unseen’s projects here: https://vimeo.com/135734860


·       Mention in Parliament by Arts NMP Kok Heng Leun

 “Going forward, I would like MCCY to look at the following issues: (1) Engagement on a deeper level.

 Let me share about a project entitled Unseen: Constellation which is currently being exhibited at the Chapel Gallery of Objectifs along Middle Road.

 Initiated by artist Alecia Neo, Unseen: Constellation involves seven students living with visual impairment from Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School. Over two years, under the guidance of mentors from a diverse range of professions, the students were immersed in a very deep process of discovery, which resulted in them creating works that explore their lives and dreams. The various art works now displayed at the Objectifs gallery comprise music videos about friendship and discrimination, a short film about vulnerability of love and boyhood, a motivational speech, a symphonic band composition, amongst others.

 In the motivational talk, the student Dallon Au revealed his insecurity as someone with impaired vision, and how he had to overcome it to pursue his dream. Dallon shares his two years long journey with ConversationsCircle trainer Allen Lim, who has introduced him to the art of listening…

Through the work, you can see how these students had learnt so much about themselves through a highly engaged process, facilitated by very thoughtful and sensitive artists and mentors. The process has resulted in the creation of art works that are moving and of high quality. Unseen is deeply engaging and impactful, both for the audience, and for the students and artists.

 Such engagement is deep and life-changing.

 As we move towards the future, we should encourage more of such deep and engaging work. The depth and process will result in profound learning experiences for the community that is creating and participating in the process, and will also result in artistic work that is aesthetically rich. It moves the audience, changing their sensibilities, by making the invisible visible and the unheard heard.”

 - Kok Heng Luen, 13 April 2016

 For the full speech, please refer to the following link: