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Publications & Research

Singapore Art Museum Touch Collection Research

Justin Lee’s “East & West” adaptation (left) and David Chan’s “Utama’s Cat” adaptation for the SAM Touch Collection. (PHOTOS: Singapore Art Museum)

Justin Lee’s “East & West” adaptation (left) and David Chan’s “Utama’s Cat” adaptation for the SAM Touch Collection. (PHOTOS: Singapore Art Museum)

The Singapore Art Museum (SAM)’s first dedicated programme for visually impaired visitors, one of its outreach initiatives to extend the art experience to audiences of all backgrounds and abilities, makes its debut on Tuesday (30 October 2018).

The portable and interactive SAM Touch Collection will showcase adaptations of works by local artists in SAM’s collection which are accompanied by supplementary resources, such as audio guides and reproductions of finer artwork details for visually impaired visitors.

The research that has supported the launch of this project was led by artist Alecia Neo, with support from research assistants Kirin Heng and Valerie Lee. We would like to thank our key project consultants Dr. Silvia Soler Gallego of Kaleidoscope Universal Accessibility, sculptor Victor Tan, and Tay Swee Kim of Singapore Association for the Visually-Handicapped for generously sharing their expertise, experience, and resources with us.

We would like to thank the following organisations for supporting our focus group sessions:

Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School Visually-impaired Students

Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH)

Singapore Guide Dog Association

Special thanks to following people for offering their knowledge and support for our research:

Jade Chen

Melanie Chua

Kim Ong

Yow Siew Kar

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Unseen: Conversations Across the Constellation

Unseen: Conversations Across the Constellation

BrackMag’s second issue: a collaboration with Unseen, an on-going long-term art project by artist Alecia Neo, that provides a platform for seven youths living with visual-impairment (VI) to explore self-identity and their dreams.
This special issue coalesces relationships, conversations, debates, and experiences around the two-year long project that is UNSEEN:Constellations, through personal accounts, including: Justin Lee’s post-conversation circle commentary on sustainability, Qian Wenyi and Megan Miao’s allude to image-making, Jay Koh points out the axes of power in its “participation”, while Seet Yunteng and Mok Cui Yin offer different ways of imaging the production of Unseen:Constellations.
This collaboration is an inaugural editorial endeavour at Brack. Both contributors andUnseen participants reflect to “see” the threads of  -- equally via its participants and its potential audiences -- what makes a socially engaged work, and what produces its communities. As Nasri Shah elucidates, the ‘constellation’ is only discernible in retrospect.

 Available for purchase at Books Actually and Objectifs Gallery Shop