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Unseen Art Workshops 2019

Co-organised by Unseen Arts Initiatives and Banglar-Kantha, this public sharing of the music of Inner Eyes Family Orchestra from Bangladesh is part of an arts exchange programme with Unseen Art Workshops. Our on-going programme supports professional and emerging artists through opportunities to experiment with new ideas and to share knowledge and skills with the wider community.

The 2019 programme welcomes young artists Claire Teo and Kira Lim to share their processes in drama, voice and movement through play with invited participants. The insights from the workshops will be channelled to future programmes and deepen our research in the field of inclusivity.

Public Sharing Event

Date: 27 June 2019, Thursday

Refreshments to be served at 6.30pm

Introductions & Music Performances: 7.00PM – 9.00 PM

Venue Sponsor: Gateway Theatre

3615 Jalan Bukit Merah, Singapore 159461

Studio 1, Level 4

About Inner Eyes Family Orchestra

The Inner Eyes Family Orchestra is the only team in the history of Indian classical music whose members are without their eyesight and are of the same family.

The family team comprises of their late father, Ustad Afzalur Rahman; a famous Sarod Maestro and master creator of ragas such as “Rubawaty”, “Meghawaty” and “Lolita”; along with his two daughters, Mohua Rahman Ruba and Antara Rahman Tungtang, who have performed in numerous Asian and European countries. Ruba and Tungtang will perform with their mother, Anwara Rahman, and brother Ashikur Rahman who specialize in the Sarod, a stringed instrument from India and is known for its deep, weighty, introspective sounds.

Sisters Ruba and Tungtang of the band also enjoy performing pop music in English and other languages. They have a deep interest in composing original music,writing lyrics and learning to play new musical instruments. The family's work also includes advocating for traditional Indian music through teaching and offering hostel services for women living with visual impairment in Bangladesh.

About Unseen Arts Initiatives:

Unseen Art Initiatives is a non-profit arts platform which believes in art's significant role in harnessing the creative potential of individuals, communities and our living environment.

Unseen Art Initiatives organises workshops and programmes led by differently abled artists, as well as linking up communities with partner organisations.

Founder and Artistic Director Alecia Neo has also led the research for The Singapore Art Museum (SAM)’s first dedicated programme for visually impaired visitors, one of its outreach initiatives to extend the art experience to audiences of all backgrounds and abilities, made its debut in October 2018. The portable and interactive SAM Touch Collection showcases adaptations of works by local artists in SAM’s collection which are accompanied by supplementary resources, such as audio guides and reproductions of finer artwork details for visually impaired visitors.

About Banglar Kantha

Banglar Kantha is the leading Bengali newspaper in Singapore. With an estimated population of half a million Bangladeshis working in Southeast Asia, and 120,000 in Singapore alone, Banglar Kantha gives voice to the dreams and needs of the Bangladeshi migrant workers and provides an outlet for creative and literary talent via platforms such as Migrant Poetry competitions and performances.

Contact Details:

RSVP by 24 June 2019 at unseensg@gmail.com


FB: https://www.facebook.com/unseensingapore/